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Pigalle Country Club

Pigalle Country Club

Located in the middle of “South Pigalle”, Pigalle Country Club is the newcomer of the local Bermuda triangle, in Paris' red-light district. With inebriating DJ sets and concerts, original cocktails and an alcohol list that will make you dance, Pigalle Country Club is an English lounge with the decadent atmosphere of a rock'n'roll bar. Pigalle Country Club is also a micro-label that publishes limited editions vinyls.

Free entrance, subject to availability.

Capacity: 50

Full address

59, rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle
75009 Paris


Phone : +33 (0) 1 42 81 49 18


Site du Pigalle Country Club


Latitude: 48.8810617 - Longitude: 2.3359288000000333