MaMA Team

Daniel Colling: Managing director and Producer

Fernando Ladeiro-Marques: Director

Aziliz Benech: Coordination, professionnal meetings and conferences

Eva Nouaille: Production coordination

Céline Raluy: Coordination assistant

Ségolène Favre-Cooper: Coordination and artistic programming

Audrey Gauthier: Artistic coordination assistant

Philippe Le Breton: Live In Montmartre showcases coordination

Delphine Seguin: Communication and media marketing

Maryl Genc: Communication assistant

Rita Sa Rego: Professional ticketing

Thierry Pélissier & Perrine Carlier: Technical direction

Ludivine Marquant: Seminar management Centre FGO-Barbara

Katerine Peu & Guillaume Duneau: Live in Montmartre management

Bruno & Sonia Cerré: Scenography Trianon

Anaïs Pinot-Gaucher: Accommodation and Hôtels

Argos Culture / Charles Robillard: Private sponsors

Booking Advisors

Claude Guyot: Head of FAIR

Marcelle Galinari: Head of Réseau Printemps

Avril Boiseau: Managing director of Dans La Boîte

Seminars Advisors

Virginie Berger: Founder and head of DBTH

Jean-Christophe Bonneau: Administrative and Financial Director of CNV

Gilles Castagnac: Head of IRMA

Bertrand Dicale: Journalist

Gildas Lefeuvre: Specialized journalist, consultant, GL Connection blog management

Allan McGowan: Editor Vip News, Associate Editor IQ Magazine, Agenda Consultant ILMC, Freelance Consultant, Administrator Wintrup Songs Ltd