Friday 18th October
Le Centre Musical FGO-Barbara 12:30 » 14:00 MaMA Debate - MaMA & CNV Access: Restricted to MaMA delegates
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The last ten years have seen dramatic developments in the ways that audiences can choose to access live music. A festival or concert ticket is no longer the only way to see an artist on stage. Accelerated dissemination of media, simpler recording and broadcasting systems, the multiplicity of internet services, content providers and social networks on the web have all contributed to changes in the balance of the live industry.
Though analysts still contend that live music has overtaken recorded music in the music economy, one cannot help but observe that a proliferation of live, pre-recorded, licit or illegal broadcasts (on the internet especially) raises important questions. Various pop music concert promoters have begun to make claims for related rights arising from the range of media platform broadcasts of recordings of their live show productions. The Lescure report acknowledges an opportunity for developing new sources of financing for the music industry, and suggests that a sui generis right should be granted to promoters.
For its own part, CNV supports an extension of the live performing tax on shows containing live performances which are broadcast on these new platforms. The diversity of media (internet, social networks, cinema) suggests that the current systems for monetizing live production and diffusion should be reviewed, and potentially widened, in order to increase revenues for artistic renewal support.
CNV and MaMA present a panel to consider the current situation and to discuss these suggestions, in tandem with the professionals they may concern.


Jacques RENARD

Jacques RENARD (France)

CNV - Director

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Olivier Me LEDRU

Olivier Me LEDRU (France)

Ledru Legal Office - Lawyer

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Antoine NAZARET (France)

Dailymotion - Head of Content

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Gilles PETIT

Gilles PETIT (France)

Little Bros Productions - Producer

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Malika SEGUINEAU (France)

PRODISS - General secretary

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Manfred TARI

Manfred TARI (Germany)

Pop 100 - Journalist

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Boris VEDEL (France)

Morgane Events - General director

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The CNV is a public organization overseen by the Ministry of Culture. Created in 2002, its main mission is to support live entertainment.
The CNV collects a tax and redistributes the funds to entertainment companies as financial aid. The amount paid is decided at commissions, each one dedicated to a specific aspect of the performing arts.