Thursday 17th October
Les Trois Baudets 14:30 » 17:15 MaMA Speed-meeting - Institut Français and OIF Access: Restricted to MaMA delegates - with registration Language: French and English DELEGATE PASS


Professional and international (speed-)meetings are organized on the occasion of the Focus on Popular Music set up by Institut Français and MaMA.
About twenty international professionals (including agents, local promoters, bookers from festivals or concert venues, labels, etc…) are invited to take part in MaMA within the framework of this Focus, to discover the French music scene and French music sector.
Coming from the whole African continent, these professionals –identified jointly by Institut Français and OIF as part of the Equation Musique Programme, and in partnership with Saison Sud-Africaine- will participate to these meetings. MaMA French and international participants will thus be able to establish direct dialogue with them, that may lead to further collaborations.

Pre-registrations are now closed. We are currently working on a selection and matching with the received applications. Please notice that your participation will  be valid only if you receive a confirmation e-mail.


Didier AWADI

Didier AWADI (Senegal)

Studio Sankara - Founder

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Michelle CONSTANT (South Africa)

Business and Arts South Africa - CEO

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Amadou FALL BA

Amadou FALL BA (Senegal)

Africulturban - Director

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Damon FORBES (South Africa)

Sheer Sound - Founder

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Mohamed KABORE

Mohamed KABORE (Burkina Faso)

Alif Naaba / La Cour du Naaba - Artist

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Limam KANE

Limam KANE (Mauritania)

Zaza Production / Assalamalekoum Hip Hop Festival - Founder

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Ronan KANOBANA (Rwanda)

Positive Productions / Kigali Up Festival

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Misha LOOTS (South Africa)

Oppikoppi Productions /Hilltop Live - Promoter

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Malick NDIAYE (Senegal)

Think Zik! - Producer

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Akotchayé OKIO

Akotchayé OKIO (Benin)

Ardiess Production / Kankpé Festival Hip Hop - Organizer

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Tabu OSUSA (Kenya)

Ketebul Music - Founder and director

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Safouane PINDRA

Safouane PINDRA (Senegal)

Optimiste Produktions / Festival Yakaar - Director

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Theresho SELESHO

Theresho SELESHO (South Africa)

Ogilvy Johannesburg - Marketing director

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Sipho SITHOLE (South Africa)

Moshito Music Market & Festival / Native Rythms - Treasurer / Manager

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Daniel WAMBUA MULI (Kenya)

Rauka Music Label - Artist

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Percy YIP TONG (Mauritius)

Cyper Produktion - Founder

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Equation Musique

Equation Musique

Equation Musique programme, initiated by Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie and Institut Français, helps the music industry structures of Southern countries to access to professional markets, to promote their activities and to export their musical productions or artists abroad.

Institut Français

Institut Français

Institut Français is the operator of cultural initiatives outside France. It was created by the Law of July, 27th 2010 regarding external action of State and by the decree of December, 30th 2010. Its aim is contributing to France's outreach abroad thanks to a strengthened dialogue with foreign cultures.

Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie

Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie

Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) aims to crystallize active solidarity between the 77 States and governments it gathers (57 members and 20 observators). A community that share destinies and that is fully aware of the links and potential that results from a common language.

Saison Sud-Africaine

Saison Sud-Africaine

South Africa Seasons 2012 & 2013 is an initiative in tribute to the fights for freedom and to the choice of reconciliation that has been made upon the concept of racial division by many South Africans and, among them, by their most prominent representative - former President Nelson Mandela. From May to December 2013, Saison Sud-Africaine offers an overview of South Africa nowadays to the French audience - that is to say, a young and flourishing democracy that is still healing its past wounds after decades of oppression, and that keeps struggling day after day to keep its position among the emerging countries.