Friday 18th October
Au Petit Moulin 18:30 » 19:20 Delegate drinks - La Marmite Access: Restricted to MaMA delegates
(subject to availability)
Language: French and English DELEGATE PASS


The Marmite, put into place by the Brigade of Cultural Intervention (BIC) is one tool that exists in the North-Pas de Calais region to help develop careers of artists in the domain of popular music. It allows musicians to branch out and produce outside of their region and abroad. This year, it will accompany six groups from North-Pas de Calais including OKAY MONDAY at the Petit Moulin at MaMA and at the Trans Musicales festival in Rennes at the Liberté on December 5th.

La Marmite

La Marmite

La Marmite, organised by La BIC (Lille-France), is an initiative aiming at sustaining the development of modern music artists living in the Nord-Pas de Calais region. Thanks to La Marmite, many of these bands have an opportunity every year to play festivals and other professional music events in France and around the world. It allows each year to local artists to play in France and Europe.