Ivan MILIVOJEV (Serbia)


Structure: EXIT Festival

Fonction: Founder / Promoter

Founder of EXIT festival. Programming and Production director, stages concept developing and dealing with the safety and healthy of EXIT Festival since the founding.
"Saberimo se Novosadjani"- 2004. - GOTV campaign project manager.
New Year's eve for City Hall of Novi Sad since 2004.(6 consecutive years) - Promoter and executive producer.
2005 The Prodigy concert, Belgrade - Promoter and executive producer.
 “Green Fest” Production Director (Music festival, Belgrade, Indjija, started in Serbia on 2007 concert Red Hot Chili Peppers, 2008 concert Franz Ferdinand, 2009 concert Madonna).
Cinema City Production Director (film festival - Novi Sad, started on 2007).
Founder of AAA Production d.o.o. (event, booking and promotion company from Novi Sad) – Production company in charge of EXIT Festival program and production.
Director and founder of Warriors Dance Festival (Belgrade)
Board member of YOUROPE festival association.
1 participation as speaker:

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