Cédric CLAQUIN (France)


Structure: Cd1d

Fonction: National secretary

A communications consultant for the last 15 years, Cedric Claquin is more precisely deals with issues involving positioning, identity and the strategy of communication; he has worked with numerous figures from sectors in education, public health, culture as well as innovation (Sida Info Service, groupe Esiea, Bype, Happy culture, Marsatac). In 1998, he founded a music and video production label based in Marseilles (A├»lissam) that brought him to be progressively implicated, in a more collective manner, in the field of economy of creation. A founding member of the independent federation of labels CD1D, he particularly follows the logic of european development and communication (internal, external and institutional). The experiment 1D touch (http://bit.ly/10FDJtY) which he has overseen since 2011, brought him to develop expertise  in the logic of convergent trans media, in data visualization, in alternative economic models and the reconstruction of new virtuous ecosystems for the creators and producers of cultural content.
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