Marie IMBERDIS (France)


Structure: Cd1d

Fonction: Coordinator

Investing her time in CD1D for over 5 years, Marie Imberdis started out by creating Neuronexion, an independent label based in Angers. Though the label doesn't give priority to any one musical aesthetic, the microstructure has the ambition to artists that it works with through different domaines including booking, record producing, communication, management...
In integrating with the national federation of independent labels, Marie Imberdis has taken a strong interest in the problems and issues related to industry mutations in recorded music- and the cultural industry in general- which brought ti be even more involved with this collective adventure. For over a year he has thus coordinated the federations actions, which goal is the collectively imagine new fair and respectful ecosystems, in respect to the creators of cultural content.
In turn, she is actively participating in the experiment 1D touch,(, a model of fair streaming, that ensures  fair compensation for creators.
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