David 'Monsieur MO' MOREL (France)

David 'Monsieur MO' MOREL

Structure: Jarring Effects Label

Fonction: Manager

The story of Jarring Effects, an independent electronic music label with dub and hip-hop influences, originates in Lyon (Rhône – France), on the slopes of the mythical Croix Rousse. Starting off as an association constituted in accordance with the French law of 1901 concerning non-profit organizations, then multiplying its activities (recording studio, bookings, label), brought about a reorganization of tasks. At this point, the label part of the company became a cooperative and participative association(SCOP) in 2007. From its very beginnings the collective has promoted cultural diversity  for all and sees culture, especially music, as a founding value, guaranteeing social equilibrium. This philosophy throughout the team. In fact, 43 year old Mr. MO, Manager and associate employee of this SCOP, perennial musical activist, a promoter of social and economic solidarity, fights on a daily basis within the record industry to defend talented and iconoclastic artists, who are perfect ambassadors for a ”dissonant“ alternative culture (Jarring Effects), based on talents and expertise. Committed to multiple federating products(SMA,CD1D, FEPPRA), Mr Mo is an activist for cultural diversity.
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