Marie-Vorgan LE BARZIC (France)

Marie-Vorgan LE BARZIC

Structure: Silicon Sentier

Fonction: General delegate

Marie Vorgan le Barzic is General delegate for Silicon Sentier Association since 2003. She has initiated the creation "Quartier Numérique" project in 2007, the opening of "La Cantine" in 2008 (first coworking space in France), of Camping (1st French program dedicated to start-up companies acceleration), of Silicon Xperience (program of betatest for new products) or even of Silicon Maniacs(Webzine and Webradio) between 2009 and 2012. In 2012, she also took part in the web campaign of French candidate François Hollande as an Operation Director. She has a passion for creating projects, and wants to promote the emergence of new and useful innovating models. She pays specific attention to serendipity and human exchanges in her work.
Silicon Sentier is a non-profit entrepreneurs association created in 2000. It supports everyday the development of digital economy and participates to the emergence of a strong, innovating and dense ecosystem in Ile-de-France Region. In November 2013, Silicon Sentier opens a place of 1500m² at 39, rue du Caire, to gather all its services. This place is aimed to generate synergy between the various stakeholders in connection with the association and will receive more than 40 000 people per year.
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