Amadou FALL BA (Senegal)

Amadou FALL BA

Structure: Africulturban

Fonction: Director

Africulturban is an association based at the cultural complex Léopold Sédar Senghor de Pikine specialized in Hip-Hop and Urban Cultures. Founded in 2006 it is comprised of over 1250 youths that come from the Urban and Hip-Hop scene. Since its creation, Africulturban has developed Festa2H in Dakar (International festival of Hip-Hop and Urban culture) which is now in its 8th edition. Africulturban has a training center called Hip Hop Akademy, dedicated to training for different cultural fields (video, graphic design, mao, dj management, marketing, and communications in english). Since 2008 it co-presents Urbanation Bboy, a unique west african dance and Hip Hop festival in partnership with Kaay Fecc.  Africulturban also runs a young label called King Booking Management with several groups under their belt since 2012 (Matador, Carré d'As, Ngaaka Blin D, Flow Up). Beginning in January 2014 Africulturban will implement the creation of the first Urban Cultural Center in Africa.
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