Benoît DUNAIGRE (France)


Structure: Else

Fonction: Executive music producer / Music supervisor

After graduating from Berklee college of Music, Boston MA in 2002, Benoit returned to France launching his career as independent Composer/producer in both advertising and commercial music industry.
From 2002 to 2008 Ben has worked as a prolific music composer for advertising working for clients such as TBWA, Mc Cann, BETC etc..  Ben has also produced and developed a number of French artists and has worked as freelance mix engineer for music majors. In 2008 Ben joined the sound department at TBWA Paris as producer and Music supervisor. Since then he has produced more than 450 national and international TV adverts for client such has Nissan , Mc Donald , Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès ,receiving a number of awards ( Efie, Crystal, CB News etc… )
As co founder and head of Marketing and contents at Live concert broadcasting, Ben has a strong background in entrepreneurship and has actively worked for the development of online live music.
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