Hervé 'KENT' DESPESSE (France)


Structure: Guilde des Artstes Musiciens

Fonction: Artist / Founding member

Kent is one of the crucial French artists of his generation. It sounds pompous but it's true. He is versatile, an artist with a capital A.
In 1977, Kent contributes to the rise of French new wave rock with his band Starshooter. That collective affair lasted five years. Thereafter, Kent went solo.

Kent the songwriter

With 18 studio albums released in more than 30 years of musical creations, Kent is famous for his consistent body of work and well respected by most of his peers. Many of his songs are landmarks. Among them, “Juste quelqu'un de bien” turned into a hit by Enzo Enzo in 1995 (the song gained him the award of Best song of the year at Les Victoires de la Musique, the French music awards), Of course, Kent from Lyon, doesn't only roar for himself, and many representatives of la french chanson have required his songwriter's skills (Zazie, Enrico Macias, Johnny Hallyday, Nolwenn Leroy, Michel Fugain, Calogero…).

Kent the cartoonist-illustrator

He has drawn and released six albums. His most remarkable work is a record-book called “L'Homme de Mars” issued in 2008 by Actes-Sud/Universal.

Kent the novelist
He has written 5 novels. JC Lattès issued the latest, “Vibrato”, in 2007.
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