Fatima HASSOUNA (France)


Structure: Sostenuto

Fonction: Artistic director

“In a manner that is equal and sustained”: That is the meaning of Sostenuto, the name of the organization created in December 2000 by Magali Leclerc and Fatima Hassouna to accompany music artists and their projects. Tour organizer, manager, producer and publisher : endorsing as many roles as possible for the artists that put their trust in us. Awarded the Pro Chansons Cup by the Charles Cros Academy in 2013, Sostenuto's acts include:
-Presque Oui (French Chanson), Tintinabulles (Young Audiences)     and Les Porteuses de Sons (Young Audiences)- since 2001
-FROM&ZIEL (French Chanson), 3x6(Music) and AurĂ©lie Leconte     (Theatre) -since 200
-Patrick Sourdeval (Theatre) and Cabaret 50 (French Chanson)- since     2009 MORAN (French Chanson, QuĂ©bec) - since 2011
-DUOpointzero (French Chanson) - since 2012

1 participation as speaker:

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