Catherine BONIFACIO (France)


Structure: Sentinel

Fonction: Manager

Catherine Bonifacio who graduated from the Ecole Euromed in Marseille (MBA) is the founder and director of the structure Sentinel/ Music Back Office created in 2006.

After 15 years of experience in the music industry among major and independent labels, and witnessing first hand how crucial the back office is in order for a label, a music publisher, or a performance production company to function properly, she created a company that could answer these needs with a high level of expertise.
After 7 years of existence the company developed an operational expertise in  every domain, from financial management to rights management (Authors rights, associate rights, and royalties), and specific areas such as tax credits and subventions.
In 2013, the team is made up of 6 people that work with the objective of maximizing and securing the revenue of their clients all while giving priority to service that is adapted to their needs.
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