Jacques RENARD (France)

Jacques RENARD

Structure: CNV

Fonction: Director

Jacques Renard was appointed Director of the CNV (National centre for chanson, popular music and jazz) by decree of the President of the Republic on 25 June 2010. He is a Civil Service Administrator, a former ENA (National School of Administration) student and Associate Lecturer at the Paris 8 University. He spent most of his career working in the cultural administration, holding a number of executive positions, including Technical Advisor, Deputy Director and Executive Director, Civil Service Director, President and Director of public institutions.... Having worked in various cultural and artistic fields (visual arts, books, heritage, cultural development, films, TV and radio broadcasting, etc.), his main focus has always been the performing arts, as a Minister's Office member and as part of the relevant services within the Ministry of Culture. As far as the modern music sector is concerned, Jacques Renard has had the opportunity to take part in the launch, co-ordination and management of projects such as the 1985 copyright and neighbouring rights Act, support to young artists, the establishment of music venues throughout France, the Victoires de la Musique (French music awards), the establishment of the popular music support fund, etc.
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