Frédéric VILCOCQ (France)

Frédéric VILCOCQ

Structure: Regional Council of Aquitaine

Fonction: Advisor for culture, creative economy and information and communication technologies

Advisor of Culture, Creative and digital economy to Alain Rousset (the president of the Regional council of Aquitaine since 2010), and Project manager of Méca, Center for Creative Economy and Culture in the Aquitaine region, which englobes the Frac, Écla et Oara Agencies on the site of the old Bordeaux slaughterhouse complex.
-From 2004 to 2010, Delegate to Culture and Creative economy for the Regional Council.
-Founding Member of the GAROROCK Festival in 1997
-Member of the CNMA- Consultation of National Popular music
(2004/2005), Vice-President of the CSMA-The High Council for Popular Music (2006/2008).
-Member of the Programs Committee, and the « professional structure and development» commission for the CNV-The National Center for French Chanson, variety and Jazz music since 2005.
-Since 2008, Member of the board of directors and executive board of IRMA- the the National Center for information and resources of popular music. 
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