Maryse NGALULA (Congo)


Structure: Akacia

Fonction: Artistic director / Singer, composer, writer

Maryse Ngalula  is born in Kananga, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In earlier 90's she started learning how to play her first chords on the guitar, from her elder brother. Later in 1998 she won the first prize of Kin Ndule festival,  a competition  dedicated to young music  talents; organized by the French Cultural Center of  Kinshasa. In 2001 she formed her own band named “Maryz Band”. She lived 8 years  in South Africa  from 2002-2010.  She has a deep and warm voice while accompanying herself on the guitar and being supported by her 3 musicians. On stage Maryse is a true performer, with great energy.  Her lyrics, sung in French, Tshiluba, and English relate stories of painful exiles and also empowering women. She's  got a very personal style that swings between Jazz, Blues and Congolese traditional music.
 Maryse Ngalula, is winner of the prize “Visas pour la Création”, a  program of The French Institut. She took advantage of a 5-month residency in the French capital.
Back in Congo in 2012, she decide to found  her own cultural agency  “Akaçia” with the aim of professionalizing female artists in Congo. By  providing training programs in different areas of Arts.
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