Myriam FAIVRE (France)


Structure: CAE Clara

Fonction: Director

Myriam Faivre manages the CAE (a worker cooperative) CLARA that she created in 2007 with NoĂ«lle TATICH (Director of the SCIC ATLA), to allow professionals from the cultural sector to develop their activities through a framework of “Mutual Entrepreneurship”.  Director and manager of the CAE CLARA, Myriam FAIVRE accompanies professionals from the cultural and artistic sector to draw full benefit from creative talents and to allow them to develop their entrepreneurial project within a secure framework. The CAE CLARA answers inquiries on issues that are encountered on a daily basis by entrepreneurs on subjects such as multi-activities, the cumulation of administrative statuses, business start-ups and entrepreneurship as well as the implementation of an adapted organization. The CLARA and CLARAbis cooperative also allows professionals to gather in an collective structure that is managed by the CAE team.

A speaker at ATLA (School for popular music) for the training of Director of Artistic and Cultural Management , Myriam FAIVRE is also an administrator of the National CAE network and a member of the  l'Economie Sociale et Solidaire(ESS) and participated in the Cultural Entrepreneurs Network called MERCI (the Cultural Entrepreneurial movement in Ile de France).
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