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Born in 1973, Vincent Cespedes is philosopher, essayist, novelist and composer.   Since 2001, he became known by essays on social phenomena (reality TV, urban violence, school, political, etc.), it deals with the point of view of an original philosophy, out of mainstream. He devoted many works on the link unifying the personnal and the policy varied angles: love, happiness, "human mix", the philosophy, the crisis of masculinity...   An incisive style complements a visionary thinking on the time being issues, and a vast field of thinking, from work to education, from the Internet to human policies, from « intense life » to identity « fluid », from the wake of shock to the "wave of charm. Recognized as a major and iconoclastic intellectual, editor at Larousse, creator of the first philosophical game in the world (the game of the Phoenix, Flammarion, 2011), Vincent Cespedes intervenes in the mainstream media, in a hospital, in prison, in the Senate or in business, as well as in the world (Finland, Georgia, Tunisia, Algeria, Italy, Japan, Viet Nam, etc.).

A few examples of organizations who trust him...

The universities of Paris I/Panthéon-Sorbonne, Oslo (Finland), Hanoi (Viet Nam) to Oran (Algeria), Tunis (Tunisia)
UNESCO Chair in philosophy
The CJD Center of young leaders
1.    Thirty interventions in whole France on the philosophy applied to the company (examples of thematic: « Otherwise effective », « Performance and benevolence », « And if happiness was profitable?, And if the other had (a little also) reason? » ; «  (At a glance Cross and intergenerational major subjects of everyday life », « Influence, charisma and strategy », « 12 philosophical dilemmas of business leader », etc.)

Le MEDEF Mouvement des Entreprises DE France, and many others.

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