Lucie BOURGOUIN (Canada)


Structure: Permission Inc

Fonction: Chairwoman

A graduate of Faculty of Music at the University of Montreal, Lucie Bourgouin has more than 30 years of experience in national and international copyright management and negotiation to her credit. After several years of working with various musical rights' management organizations, notably SDE (Procan, now SOCAN), SODRAC, as well as the CBC, Lucie Bourgouin founded her own copyright clearance company, PERMISSION INC. in 1975.
As a copyright clearance agent, PERMISSION INC. offers integrated consultation, research, negotiation and copyright clearance services and is particularly active, though not exclusively, in the field of audiovisual production. Over the last few years, while one of the company's most stimulating challenges was the clearance of musical rights for the film C.R.A.Z.Y., PERMISSION INC. has also secured the rights for several other films and documentaries such as Café de Flore, Les amours imaginaires, Dallas Buyers Club, and Laurence Anyways.
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