André CAYOT (France)


Structure: DGCA

Fonction: Adviser - Music

André Cayot, advisor of popular music for the director general of artistic creation at the Minister of Culture and Communication, for the delegation of music.

In 1998, he managed Chanson Vivante in the Rhone-Alpes for the development of popular music in the region. In 1989, he created a French Chanson and World music Festival in the Ain region. In 1991, he was named project manager of popular music for the department of music and dance, where he worked principally on the implementation of regional centers for popular music and activities within the jazz commission.

In 1993, he became inspector of creation of education in the arts. In 1996, he initiated the schema concerning stages for popular music or the SMAC. In 1998, André Cayot was named advisor for popular music for the department of music, theatre dance, and performing arts or the DMDTS. Among his duties, he was at the initiative of « Résidences chanson/musiques actuelles » a program that gives support to jazz groups and collectives and participates in the elaboration of  DE's (Professors diplomas) and CA's (Aptitude certificates) for amplified popular music.
He is in charge of the everything from popular music, jazz, french chanson, traditional and world music, amplified music, national consultation, as well as the CSMA (High council for Popular Music). He participated in the implementation of SMAC/SOLIMA bulletin of 2010 and moderated the workshop on places for popular music.
He is currently project manager of Mission Musique for the DCGA(Director General for artistic creation) and the implementation of the partnership program Cafés Cultures.
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