Frantz STEINBACH (France)


Structure: MAP

Fonction: Vice Chairman

Successively producer, event organizer, and more recently music publisher, Frantz Steinbach coordinated, produced or released over 300 albums, more than 40 TV music shows, five editions of the Kiosquorama Festival, etc..
Associated in iPanema Music and District 6, he is also the Vice President of the Network “Reseau MAP”, Commissaire des variétés SACEM, Administrator of the National Federation of Producers CD1D (+ 400 members), Jury in the “Paris Jeunes Talents” contest, a regular pro speaker (MaMA, Printemps de Bourges, Technopol, Jirafe, Schools, ...), a member of the working group “Expo2025”, and the Treasurer of "The Pierrots of the Night" and "Nuits Capitales - Night Yourself."
1 participation as moderator:

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