Issam KRIMI (France)

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Pianist, keyboarder, composer, arranger and music producer, Issam Krimi is a modern artist. He has got a rare personality, a great knowledge of music and arts and he is praised by both audience and medias, considered as going "beyond artistic divisions". Influenced by Miles Davis, David Bowie, Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Radiohead..., he proves, with his discography and collaborations, that he has a real talent in music productions and original projects. He is interested by cinema, danse and his work is now orientated toward instrumental pop, with a touch of groove and poetry.
He prepares a new album of his Power Trio, to be released in 2014. He is secretary and co-founder, with Axel Bauer, Kent and Suzanne Combo, of the GAM (Guild of Music Artists).
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