Arthur CHEN (Taiwan)

Structure: The Legacy

Fonction: Director

Legacy Taipei, carries great Chinese music heritage, provides the most intimate experiences for more than 1,000 audiences. Programs to include domestic and international talents from old ages, we will become the most pivotal spot, to continue celebrating and exploring creativity and innovation in the Mandarin music capital.
Located in central Taipei, Legacy Taipei situated in a historical district built in 1914 known as the Huashan Creative Park, it is the newest development as the cultural and creative hub, and a new gathering place as a lifestyle for artists and consumers.
Legacy Taipei, as the principle attraction in the park, will bring more energy and will draw more liveliness to this highly sprouting area.
Legacy Taipei dedicates in providing multiple programs, from heavyweight international/domestic   
artists to new generation singers. Program style varies everyday, from classic rock , urban folk, modern pop music to future new unheard audition.
Some international artists we have invited to Taiwan: Tricky, Jarvis Cocker, Jay-z, Oasis, Placebo, Penelope, Soulwax, Tahiti 80 etc. Some of them are from France, ex: Karen Ann, Penelope, The teenagers, Brodinski, Zombie Zombie...
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