Alice Dr. ENDERS (United-Kingdom)

Alice Dr. ENDERS

Structure: Enders Analysis

Fonction: Analyst / Economist / Director

Alice Enders works as an analyst at Enders Analysis since 2001, a society in the United Kingdom which is specialised in the media area, as well as in telco and artistic creation. This company publishes about 120-150 reports per year dedicated to all these fascinating issues. In the team, Alice Enders covers the music sector, and analyses the complicated transition to digital supports for professions linked to content publication (books, films, computers, smartphones and tabs), as well as the relationships between users, publishers and internet service providers. Until 2009, Alice was economist consultant for WTO, and her field was Sub-Saharan Africa for 9 years, and then Eastern countries. She has a Ph.D in Economy from Queen's University (Canada).
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