Lu ARAUJO (Brazil)

Structure: Lumearte / Mimo Festival

Fonction: General director

One of the most active professional in the culture scene in the country, with over 20 years of career; as an entrepreneur, producer and curator she mastered many areas of artistic and executive production and works with creation and research for the development of conceptual  projects on popular culture. One of her trademarks is the original fusion of languages and styles specially those dedicated to the limits between popular and classical music. Lu Araújo is the conceiver and directress of MIMO Festival realized in the important historical cities in Brazil like Ouro Preto (MG), Olinda (PE) and Paraty (RJ). The MIMO performs about 40 concerts a year that encompass various musical styles including jazz, vanguard, world music, electronic, classical and contemporary. Lu Araújo also presented and produced several events, albums, movies and books.
1 participation as speaker: