Lani WONG (Hong-Kong)


Fonction: Label and product manager

Driven by an immense passion for electronic and dance music, Tommy Chan (CEO) founded Love Da Records in 1998 to promote music that he loves and the philosophy of “bringing quality music to the people” remains unchanged today.  
Love Da Records has come a long way from its early days as a dance music-focused distributor in Hong Kong  to being one of the largest music distribution in Asia currently handling over 200 independent labels from the UK, Europe, the US and Canada.  Some of the labels include Beggars Banquet, V2 Co-op, PIAS, Ninja Tunes, Edel, Cooking Vinyl and many more.
Love Da Records now operates 3 separate offices in Hong Kong, Singapore(take care Malaysia as well) and Taiwan office; and has a team of committed professionals promoting and developing award-winning and critically-acclaimed artists such as Radiohead, Nouvelle Vague, Speech Debelle, Bloc Party, Grace Jones, Tiesto, Travis, Phoenix and the list goes on…
Prior to establishing Love Da Records, Tommy (who was also an electro / techno DJ) was the founder of VMP HK (Valentine Music Production Hong Kong Ltd. – a subdivision of Singapore VMP) in 1994 and released the first ever non-stop DJ-mixed album in Hong Kong.  Love Da Records also proudly organized the very first big-scale “One Nation” handover party in 1997 (supported by the release of “One Nation” – the album.)  Tommy was also the regional Dance Music Consultant for BMG Asia Pacific providing his expertise and strategic input for the group's dance music compilations.
Love Da Records is proud of the achievements so far but is determined to keep up the independent and open-minded spirit to bring quality music, unbounded by genres or pigeonholes to music fans in Asia.
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