Midnight Ravers(FR)ELECTRO

Wednesday 16th October
Le Centre Musical FGO-Barbara 20:00 » 23:30 LES ELECTROPICALES


Midnight Ravers DR
Great escape for the High Tone drummer who signs his own 1st surprising (and more) album! This sound bulimic, Dj and producer goes
where nobody expects him to be by mixing modernity and tradition, journey and drawing, one-man project and band's adventure. Everything begins in 2012 during an incredible recording session with Malian artists. Since then the project goes further and further until the young graphic designer and illustrator Emmanuel Prost completes the picture. Discover it at Le Centre Musical FGO-Barbara with the exhibition in all the building and our DJ warming up the venue's bar.

Midnight Ravers



Electropicales is the electronic music and visual arts festival based in Reunion, a small french island in the indian ocean where all the musical genres are represented, not just the mainstream ones like techno, house or trance. Electropicales also has a very strong motto : to be a clear reflection of the island's muticultural background, a "Let's all live hapilly together" model. Following those guidelines our goal , since 2009, is to have an adventurous, curious, festive and hybrid concert programming. Mixing genres and origins, DJ culture and concerts; but always retaining an infectious happy mood. Graffiti's, VJ'ing and projection mapping are also an integral part of the festival. Electropicales is also proud to bring a strong attachment to sustainable development and is working hand in hand with the XV Dionysien (Rugby sport association).