Ben Ellis(FR)POP


Ben Ellis Lorraine Fagot
Brooklyn's power pop album, Clandestine, was surely one of the most inspiring for the young French pop generation. The band split, as bands do, songwriter and frontman Ben left for a two-year break in New York. Back in Paris with some great memories and a suitcase full of new songs, Ben started putting together his new live band under the name of Ben Ellis. Their first two concerts in December were packed, and their third gig was aired on national radio. Having found his new sound, he went to record his first EP, Into The Light, with Alex Gopher, one of the founders of French Touch.

Replacing of FI/SHE/S.
Ben Ellis // Ash

Booking: Furax

Manager: Industry of cool



The lineup of this night has been carried out with RIF (Réseaux en Ile-de-France - www.lerif.org) which federates 8 French departmental music networks. Every year, the members of these networks support the development of many bands including The Sophia Lorenians or Fi/she/s. Besides, The Sophia Lorenians is part of the 2013 selection of Itinérances plan that promotes the development of bands expecially on Ile-de-France territory. As part of regional music funding policy, Île-de-France Region has increased the financial support allotted to RIF for Itinérances plan in 2011.