Hush Hush(US)R&B SOUL

Wednesday 16th October
Le Bus Palladium 21:00 » 00:30


Hush Hush Trevor Good
HUSH HUSH is one of the multiple alter-egos of American artist Christopher Kline, who has been performing in the Berlin underground since 2006 under different pseudonyms such as Snakebraid, Night Music, and in the groups Wooden Veil and Gemeine Gesteine. Mixing r&b, soul, dance, and less palatable genres, HUSH HUSH describes himself as a 'self-styled hit-machine', considering every track a single and defiantly creating pop music which is not, in fact, very popular.  Master of profane ceremonies, HUSH HUSH engenders furious and feverish evening performances, pounding stage after stage into a sort of asexual jelly.

Replacing of Carsick Cars.
Hush Hush // Supernatural