Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident(FR / IN)BLUES / SOUL / ROCK

Thursday 17th October
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Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident Crédit : Hervé All
At 68 years of age, Joe lives on an island of the coast of Goa, in India. The crooner, a lonely wanderer with a voice full of soul and blues, conveys the history of American music in every song. In summer of 2007, Cedric de la Chapelle, travels to India and crosses paths with Slow Joe. Cedric records Joe singing a capella on a minidisc. In September of 2007, back in Lyon, Cedric composes the music he imagines for each of Slow Joe's songs. In spring of 2009 Caravelle decides to make an offer in response to this unique venture.
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Booking: Caravelle