Tomorrow's World(FR)POP ELECTRO


Tomorrow's World James D. Kelly
Tomorrow's World is the side project and creative innovation of an unlikely pairing. Jean-Benoit Dunckel from the legendary electronic group AIR as well as Lou Hayter of New Young Pony Club have both experienced great success in their individual careers. Their friendship over the years led to the merging of their collective talents to create a single song. Fifteen tracks later Tomorrow's World emerged from the studio with their experimental electronic sound. (by Examiner)

This band is presented by Radical Production.



Booking: Radical



TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT is the meeting between Radical Production and Daka Tour for one night at MaMA.

Radical Production turner historical artists such as electrical Foo Fighters, The Black Keys or as fundamental as MIOSSEC decides one evening to join the young wolves Daka Tour. Radical will present his new Franco-British discovered the presence of TOMORROW'S WORLD or the encounter between a man and a woman Jean Benoit Dunckel (AIR) and the beautiful Lou Hayter English that prevailed in New Young Pony Club. This collaboration was a first album released last April to discover Live (keyboards, vocals, drums) where rooms combining light and shadow, magnetism dark background rhythmic and hypnotic electronic.

Daka Tour is a booking company, ensures productions of show but also management. They represent artists in the territory but also International artists by offering to them : an artistic accompaniment, make them production, develop strategy for them career development while helping to identify the ecosystem 'music' of today. 15 years of experience and an opening  international more than ever.