Helena Noguerra(FR)POP / ROCK

Wednesday 16th October
Le Divan du Monde 19:00 » 23:15


Helena Noguerra Crédit : Richard Dumas
Helena Noguerra never stopped writing over the last four years though (music and lyrics, a first), gathering her close friends around her to bring this album to full flower. It is now ready – and will surprise a few people. She began it on her own on Garage Band, but finished it surrounded by some of the lyricists, composers and musicians who are part of her extended family, starting with guitarist Philippe Eveno, who is her fellow architect for this album. The title "AnnĂ©e ZĂ©ro" (a subliminal reference to Rossellini's film Germany "Year Zero" and Alain Chamfort's "Amour AnnĂ©e ZĂ©ro") suggests a radical new departure, a tabula rasa, and in some respects that is clearly the case. Music has always been her mineral ore; it was her early inspiration, it is still her favourite language and she wanted to mine its many and varied seams and shades on onealbum for the first time.

Label: Naive

Booking: Azimuth Productions

Manager: Derrière Les Planches