Théodore, Paul & Gabriel(FR)FOLK/ ROCK

Thursday 17th October
Le Centre Musical FGO-Barbara 20:00 » 23:30 Sold out


Théodore, Paul & Gabriel Crédit : DR
If Crosby Stills Nash had given birth to three daughters with the divine and tragic Karen Dalton, they would have been called Theodore, Paul & Gabriel. It might be objected  that these are anything but girls' names ! True, but in a world that still considers music, like other essential matters, something far too serious to be put in the hands of the fair sex, the trio has decided to give their names a masculine edge. This is the mystery and the delicacy of Theodore, Paul & Gabriel, the marvellous union of three young Parisians who are revitalising folk-rock with beginners' candour and the natural skills of those who are following their destiny.

Label: Belleville Music

Booking: Les Visiteurs du Soir

Manager: Double V