Nathan Delacroix(FR)SONG

Friday 18th October
Théâtre de l'Atalante 18:00 » 20:00 THE FRENCH VIP


Nathan Delacroix Emmanuel Fauque
Nathan Delacroix does not dance at night in the clubs. Nathan Delacroix does not make music that wiggles it. He just wants to be listened to and we go with him, because his music speaks a bit about us.  From dreams of children to the nightmares of adults which take body against his guitar and his clouded voice . He wrote poems, dark or light, it depends, before covering these heady melodies that stick to the ear and to the heart. From its twenty three years, this belgian from another world has brought back to the country this instinct narrative, direct and sometimes crude.

This artist is presented as part as French Vip party.