Thursday 17th October
La Galerie W 18:00 » 18:40


P.O.U.F. ! Christophe Meireis - Fred Rol
When Hard Pouf, A√©ro Pouf and Scar Pouf met, there were sparks flying!  P.O.U.F! La Petite Organisation Ultra F√©minine was born! Electro Beat, Lyricism, Humour and of course Rock'N Roll! It's as if Spinal Tap shared a space cake with Chantal Goya in Deauville Casino! A show on the edge of Cabaret and Pink... sorry, Punk Rock. Hard Pouf kicks in her overdrive, Scar Pouf cranks up her bass and A√©ro Pouf's hiccups keep time  with her MPC!   Are you ready for the ride?

Band "FGO Hors les Murs".

Booking: Dans la Boite

Manager: Vanessa Escaiche