In creating MaMA we said « everybody must come. »

And everybody does come.

Everybody, becomes more and more each year, French and foreigners, independent and major record labels, concert producers and community based actors, concert venues and festivals, volunteer groups and professional bodies, managers and music editors, regional authorities and trade unions, broadcasters, the private sector and subsidized institutions... and of course the artists. Once again, there will be more people this year.

The 4th edition of MaMAin Paris, the large music professional meet-up, proposes over the course of three days, from October 16th to 18th, a hundred concerts as well as 40 important debates, focus and workshops with over one hundred and fifty speakers. Fresh new companies, independent labels, artistic adventurers and all of the industry leaders will be present, on the mic during the important debates or in the rooms and various convivial spaces provided for exchanges, meetings, information, understanding, proposals... To « network ».

More people? That means expansion, on top of the twenty something spots, in the axis of, and around boulevard de Rochechouart where the events of MaMA are held. One of the most beautiful cinemas in Paris has reopened after decades of hibernation. MaMA will thus appropriate the Louxor, where several conferences will take place.

Naturally, the headquarters will remain at the Trianon, a place for an abundance of informal and formal contacts, and a theatre for important debates organized by MaMA.

Concert Producers wanted to become even more involved through the platform that presents artists, so we propose entire evenings in certain concert venues. Representatives from the African, Asian, and South American markets will present new opportunities in their territories that have yet to be touched by European professionals.

We are not afraid to ask the difficult questions. Throughout the program of important debates organized by MaMA: we ask ourselves why there are so few woman working in the field of music. Thus we decided that more woman would be involved in this years debates , as well as in the concerts.

We are so grateful to have dedicated public institutional and private sponsors that are confident and enthusiastic about our cause. Maybe it is because they know everyone comes to MaMA.

Daniel Colling